2017 was most definitely hands down the hardest year of my life.

With all of the obstacles I faced and challenges I had to overcome, came lessons and blessings. There is always going to be some sort of challenge you go through in life, big or small. Without challenges you don’t grow as a person. That was the major thing I’ve learned in 2017.

I was feeling so low and depressed with my overall appearance and attitude on myself and I knew that had to change. You can’t live a happy life constantly bringing yourself down all the time. So, I completely changed my diet and overall out look on life back in February 2017 (blog post on my weight loss and how I did it coming to you soon). It definitely isn’t an easy thing to just jump into, that’s for sure. But when you put your mind to something that really is taking a toll on you and your mental health, you push yourself and make it happen.

My relationship I was in for 5 years came to an end. It was finally time to focus on myself and find out who I actually am as a person and experiment with life. I was held back from a lot of things and unable to do what I wanted with him around. That’s not how life with a relationship should be. You have to cut the things out of your life that hold you back or bring you down.

As my relationship came to an end, so was my apprenticeship! The end of July 2017 I finished my apprentice program and entered into the intense boot camp version of schooling for hair. There were definitely times during my apprenticeship and fresh talent “boot camp” where I lost my shit and didn’t even want to move forth with doing hair. I pulled myself together because my love for hair and being a hairstylist overrides the hard times I faced during the program. I graduated completely from the program October 2017.

I experimented with dating and each one taught me something new. But what I certainly learned from dating is that I’m definitely over it to be honest. Guys are so confusing and strange. I’m just going to mind my own business and keep doing me. There’s a quote that represents my feelings right about now, and its: “I’m a strong independent black woman that don’t need no man.” That right there, is just facts my friends.

As 2017 came to an end, it made me so beyond excited and grateful for 2018. Even though 2017 wasn’t my best year, it was all leading up to the amazing and well deserved year I’m going to have in 2018. I’m more confident in myself, I’m free to do whatever my heart pleases, and in just a few weeks I’ll be taking my state board exam to make me an official licensed cosmetologist. ALSO, I haven’t had a vacation since summer of 2016!! You better believe I’ve already got two vacations planned and paid for this year!!

Hard work, dedication, and self motivation pays off my friends. Never stop thriving and NEVER stop loving yourself. We are all beautifully made humans with individuality that makes us so. You are worth it and you are enough.

Happy 2018, may it be your best year yet.

♡ Alexis

2 thoughts on “GOODBYE 2017

  1. Happy New Year Alexis,
    I read every word and I am so very proud of you! Keep doing you and I know you will be licensed before you know it. You have a very bright future ahead of you! I can’t wait to watch it unfold! I hope to see you this year!

    Lots of love,

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