DIY: Gallery Wall

Happy June, ya’ll!

I get TONS of questions about my gallery wall I have displayed in my bedroom. Since summer is basically here (and you’re like me with changing it up every season) we need to decorate for it! I saw this as the perfect opportunity to show ya’ll how I created my gallery wall and also to help put together yours!

You’ll want to first figure out how much space you have and what layout you want.

Here are some examples of layouts:

I also found this blog post that goes more in depth on how to make/hang your gallery wall.

Frame shopping at Marshall’s, T.J. Max, or any store similar to them will be your best bet! They have a good selection of sizes and shapes with the best prices.

On to the art!!

I went on good ol’ Pinterest and searched “free printable’s.” You can go more in depth on what type of printable’s you want to match whatever theme you like. Also, I went to a local craft store and picked up a book of scrap booking paper that had some metallic writing and designs to give more variety to my wall.

Here are some websites I used when downloading and printing some of my art:

Top: here // bottom: here // right: here

There are pages and pages of goodies on this website especially!

TIP: Adding 3 dimensional items to your wall will give your wall even more pzazz and character!

I love gallery walls because the customization can be so personal and there are endless ways of creating them!

Hoping the best for ya’ll and your wall crafting,


xo Alexis


Shoe Haul


Steve Madden heels // Life Stride heels // euro Soft heels // Jellypop heels

(in order from left to right)

Happy Tuesday ya’ll! Or should I say SHOESday? lol, stop Alexis.

Anyway, recently I’ve been on the hunt for perfect neutral heels in time for this up coming summer weather.

Let me tell ya, heels are my weakness. Who could resit them? The sad truth is, if they aren’t comfortable I won’t wear them (unless I’m going out to dinner in them, then maybe).

However, these bad boys are SOO comfortable ladies. I could probably run a mile in the euro heels! Its hard to beat comfortable heels (or shoes in general) at a good price. That’s exactly why I’m sharing these with y’all. You don’t need to pay a fortune for comfy and cute. Life Stride and Jellypop came from Shoe Carnival; Steve Madden and euro Soft came from Off Broadway Shoes!

Also stores like Marshall’s, ROSS, and T.J. Max always have the designer brands you love at prices your wallet loves!

Hoping this helps ya’ll find your perfect summer heels/shoes!

xo Alexis

Distressed Denim Dress


Dress (similar) // Shoes (similar) // Kate Spade Bag (similar) // Kendra Scott earnings // Micheal Kors bracelet // Sunglasses // Necklace

My normal Sunday class (held at Mango Salon) was switched up this passed Sunday! My classmates and I had the opportunity to take a little road trip up to Alexandria, VA!

Two of my classmates and I decided to explore the part of Alexandria we were in after class. I personally LOVE being near any type of water and seeing that we were only 8 miles away from water was just perfect and hard to resist!

Taking mini trips and/or exploring your surroundings every once in a while to see the beauty in the world or to unwind is absolutely my favorite thing to do, especially on a Sunday.

Where do you like to explore?

Hoping everyone has the chance to unwind this holiday weekend!




Hair Care Routine

With the summer months heading our way quickly, I thought it’d be appropriate to share my summer hair care routine with ya’ll! I’m OBSESSED with trying new combinations on myself and my clients that sit in my chair! These are just a few of my favorite products I’ve been using in my hair in preparation for summer.

DSC_2118 (4)

First off, the mold and base of great hair comes from your shampoo and conditioner! With summer coming, most women typically lighten up their hair, and that means BLEACH! We want to make sure we are still keeping our hair as strong as possible with all of the bleaching, coloring, and heat we use on our head. Mending shampoo and conditioner by Bumble and bumble is amazing for that!

After the shampoo and conditioning process is complete I spray in Bumble and bumble’s Hairdresser’s Primer and comb that through. This primer is infused with 6 light oils. It helps soften, detangle, de-frizz, tame flyaways, protect against breakage, heat-styling, and UV damage. Basically, it’s amazing.

Once in a while I’ll slip in AVEDA’s damage remedy after the primer is applied. I use this a few times before I know I’m due for a color touch up and a few days after I get my color done to prepare my hair for chemical procedures.

Then, I go in with Bumble and bumble’s Repair Blow Dry. I only use this when I blow dry my hair because of its heat activated formula to help against breakage. For the times I don’t blow dry my hair I’ll use It’s a 10 leave in conditioner for added shine.

Now, styling the hair. I start off by curling my hair (after I’ve blown it out) with a Hot Tools Curling Iron. I like to throw in AVEDA’s Shampure to give my hair texture and more grip to help styling easier.

Finally, I spray with AVEDA’s control force then brush out my curls and finish it off with Bumble and bumbles Surf Infusion Spray to give my hair beachy vibes and texture.

What are your favorite hair products?

Happy Monday,

xo Alexis

3 Easy Steps to Calligraphy


I’m LOVING the calligraphy trend that’s been happening! I’ve seen and read all about so many different ways to achieve the calligraphy look. I have put together the simplest way to SLAY calligraphy.

The most popular version of calligraphy I’ve seen going around is a blend of print and cursive. The second someone here’s the word calligraphy they may get intimidated by it.

This is were my interpretation on this trend is a tad different than the rest. Really, there is one basic rule of thumb to calligraphy and transforming your personal handwriting into something more artsy. Though, if I am being honest, (and I am) I believe the curlier and whimsical your handwriting is, the more calligraphy-like result you will get. But enough with the talk, lets get down to basics.

First, it’s all about your writing utensil. Many people I have read about use a number of different types of pens. Personally, I like to use Paper Mate Marker Pens:


Once you have chosen a utensil, here’s the easy 3 step method you need to do! (You’re only tweaking one thing about your handwriting so one could argue its only one step, but that’s enough over thinking for me.. let’s move on)

This is were my “3 step method” comes into play:

1. Write out your word

2. Make your down-strokes wider by adding a secondary line

3. Fill in the widened area

Here’s a visual:


And voila!

This is the most BASIC way of explaining how to do fake calligraphy.

Now that you’re a enlightened and have this 3 step method to fake calligraphy, you can go wild and play around with different fonts and designs of your liking!

Also, (off topic here) my blog is still in huge reconstruction and this is my only post I have on here at the moment (getting a fresh start). There isn’t much to look around at on here just yet, but just you wait! Exciting things coming and I’m SOO excited to revamp my website and blog again!!

xo, Alexis